Issue 587780 in chromium: Scroll bar issue observed for dark theme in dev tools.
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2016-02-18 09:50:46 UTC
Status: Unconfirmed
Owner: ----
CC: ***@chromium.org, ***@chromium.org
Labels: Type-Bug Pri-2 OS-Windows OS-Linux Cr-Platform-DevTools M-50

New issue 587780 by ***@etouch.net: Scroll bar issue observed for dark
theme in dev tools.

Chrome Version: 50.0.2654.0 (Official Build)
c789639d94066ccc3c935d31b8c6a756815fbb8a-refs/heads/master@{#376054} 32/64
OS: Windows (Win 7 Aero-Enabled), Linux.

1. Launch chrome and navigate to a New tab page (NTP)
2. Press Ctrl+Shift+I >> F1 and select 'Dark' in Theme section.
3. Click on 'Devices' and observe the scroll bar.

Actual: No scroll bar is seen.

Expected: Scroll bar should be seen.

This is a non-regression issue seen from M-49 build no. 49.0.2577.0
revision no. r361956

Note: Issue is not seen in Mac OS.

Screenshot_scroll.png 250 KB
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